About us

show your little ones your world,
while keeping them close to you.

What is WaterLand

In waterLand we have created a unique carrier
that allows you to safely carry your baby in water and on land.

Have you ever tried to enter the water with your baby?
Wow! It is so slippery!

And what happens if you have more kids,
but no more hands?!….

This is the reason we created the WaterLand baby carrier.
A special carrier you can use both –
In Water & on Land

You can safely enter the water with your baby.
Your baby and you feel secure while in the water,
and your hands are free for your other kids.

WaterLand is made of Neoprene – surfing suit material. Elastic, soft and dries fast.

It Maintains baby’s temperature in water.

Comfort, light and easily stored, and carried in all types of travelling bags.

Padded shoulder straps and easy to control safety buckles.

WaterLand can be worn with baby facing you (recommended until the baby can holds his head upright), or when baby facing outwards.

WaterLand Meets international safety requirements for baby carriers:

US-ASTM F2236-16a, CPSC 16 CFR part 1226

EU 13209-2:2015 +AC :2016

about me

Hi, I’m Tammy, and I invented The Waterland Baby Carrier

I was a young mother with a 3 month’s old baby and a 3 years old toddler.

I wanted to go to the swimming pool with my kids, 
but I just couldn’t make it, Unless someone helped me.

So I decided to find a solution. 
And since I couldn’t find one, 
I created one!

With WaterLand your baby and you feel secure while in the water, and your hands are free and available.